Return of the WAY

    We believe that an alternative Culture is not only possible but necessary if humankind is to survive.    We believe that Interdependence is the culture in which humans thrive and that the dominant western culture has replaced interdependent thrival with a model of individual survival in which we are dependent upon that external life support system.   The fractionalization of interdependence has transformed us from extended family units in the early 1900s to nuclear families, and done a pretty good job at destroying the viability of the nuclear family.
    A culture cannot exist or persist without a shared world view or paradigm and belief system.   The existing system is founded upon a set of beliefs that serve the interest of a very small number of people, that some call the ‘elites‘.   In actuality there is noting ‘elite’ about them.   They are parasites and the set of paradigms that hold their culture together are founded on lies and misdirection put in place to further their interests, not ours.
    Our goal is to lay the foundation for an alternative culture based upon a shared paradigms that serve the common interests of the community at large.