About Lacy

    For the past eleven years I have off and on made attempts at interdependence and establishing an intentional community on property I own just outside Atlanta, GA. Like most people who go in this direction, I knew I wanted something quite different than what passes for ‘the norm’.
   My original presumptions were that if other people felt the same way with regard to the unsatisfying nature of the prevailing models, that we were likely on the same page.
After numerous attempts, usually by having someone live on the property, I found that what I truly wanted and my personal paradigms about human nature and the world in general was so very far outside the norm,  that without a Common Understanding of Who We Were, our True Human Nature, Where We Were in the Context of Human History, and the Forces Acting Upon us there simply was no Way to be on anything Close to the ‘same page’.
    Growth and Contribution are my two primary values.  I believe a hero is someone who embodies your highest values and no one should be able to step into that role as successfully as you.  My ‘hero’ creates heroes.   My goal through this site is to help you along the path to stepping into your own heroism.
    I want to create a thriving vibrant community of heroes helping each other step into their own very personal visions of what that means.